Have you heard about gluten free mango sticky rice in Chiang Mai?

Well, they are everywhere, in street food or in all places, but in this restaurant, they are the best!

Called The Old city Inn, (They don’t have website, so here is the tripadvisor address if you want to have more pictures ) this place is the recommended place in town. They have many meals such as meat fries (mostly European dishes), but what you must try is their gluten free mango sticky rice. Perfect as a dessert or for a little sweet break during the afternoon, the sticky rice is:

  • steamed,
  • mixed with thick coconut cream and sugar,
  • paired with ripe yellow sweet mango,
  • served with some extra coconut cream on the top,
  • and finally often some crispy yellow mung beans are sprinkled on the very top.

When I have been there, I was just finishing visiting all the temples, and I was happy to eat something refreshing, and fast served!

The atmosphere and the service in the restaurant was good, we were outside enjoying the good weather !
About the price it was less than 2 euros/70 THB for both! 

Good news: there are open late at night: from 12pm to 11:30pm !
No excuses now to try this amazing specialty!

We hope you’ll enjoy this place with gluten free mango sticky rice in Chiang Mai!

Don’t forget, travel, eat and enjoy!!

By Julia