Gluten free burger in Phuket is possible to find!

Maybe some of you know Phuket for all the beautiful beaches with its amazing weather?! Eating Thai specialities is good but after few months you just want to eat western food right? Well, well, well it was my case !!

I used to live in Phuket for 6 months so I had time to look around for the best gluten free restaurants in town, but this gluten free burger in Phuket was one of the best I had. So Gluten Libre had to share it with you. It is called : Project Artisan.

I have been there several times, trust me, this is the place to be in Phuket. You might want to do the reasons why right?

First, the place is very relaxing: it is meant to be for eating but you can also work and enjoy other facilities.

Yes, there are many things except gluten free burger !

There is a spa (soooo nice right?) where you can enjoy some massages which is a part of Thai culture. Imagine, you eat your food and then, to digest, you enjoy a nice massage… Oh gush, what could be better?

Let’s talk about food now! As I told you several times already, when I went to this place, I took an Australian beef burger with gluten free bread! It was sooo good!! The burger is served with caramelized onions, potato Tempura chips, red tomato salad and artisan sauces.

Good news : with this restaurant you can also take away, that’s what I did!! I took two salads:

  • The Quinoa and roasted pumpkin salad with dried cranberry, apple and rocket salad topping.
  • The Beetrood Salad with feta cheese, roasted pumpkin, avocado and rocket topping.

Do not hesitate to ask for gluten free bread!!

About the price it was around 12euros/460THB for the burger and 6-7 euros / 220-250 THB for the salads!

Let us know if you tried this place and how much you liked it!

And .. don’t forget, travel, eat and enjoy!!

By Julia