The other night, I went to a really cool rooftop in Bangkok with my family! We enjoyed few drinks and the day after, what I needed was only healthy gluten free lunch in Bangkok!

We decided to try a new place called The Teera restaurant situated in the center of Bangkok. It is located next to the road, in a little street. There is a table outside so you will be able to enjoy the good weather of Thailand if you don’t want to be inside.

That place was very lovely!! The waitress was perfect with me ! Indeed, she directly asked me if I had any allergies or intolerances. Of course, don’t hesitate to talk about your allergy / intolerance to the waiter, they understand it!

This restaurant has so many gluten free lunch options for and many lactose free, soya free and nuts free meals.

So welcome to vegetarians and vegans!! What I really enjoyed is that everything is correctly written on the menu, so no problem of misunderstanding.

When I went to this restaurant I took one gluten free pancake with a « Best Breakfast » and also one Roasted Pork with Black Pepper Sauce and Brown Rice. You can also enjoy amazing gluten free sandwiches, gluten free waffles, and other things that you can discover right here, on the menu 😉

You know what?? All of their desserts are gluten free !!

The must try are their pancakes for sure! I felt in love with it !! For sure it was one of the best pancake that I ate. Gluten pancakes can not compete with them! 😀

Visit this amazing place to enjoy a nice gluten free lunch in Bangkok: you will find your happiness for sure!

Concerning the price, you will pay around 230THB, so 6€/ 7$ for a nice meal! Moreover, you’ll find very good drinks, very fresh and natural.

I wish you a great day with all the good vibes from Thailand!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Julia