You are visiting London and you are looking for a yummy and original snack?? Find out the places to eat the best gluten free donuts in London!!

It’s called Borough 22 : you can either shop online or eat in many places in London such as :

  • The boca café
  • Punk me up Ceramic café

and many others… Click right here, it might be easier for you to find the nearest place for you!

Good news: they have gluten free donuts (Of course), but also vegan, and nuts free!

Moreover, they are really creative with their marketing and communication. Indeed, they do collaborations with several brands and influencers to create unique donuts! You can read more right here.

Let’s talk about these gluten free donuts in London (which are the main reason you are here, right?): in the store, you can take as much as you want of course, but on their website, it is also really interesting. Indeed, there are many offers that you will love: they have gluten free crumble custard donuts, cookies donuts, cereal donuts, and many others. But the best is that they do little boxes where you can get a mixe of everything. They propose boxes for weddings or other events. So if you didn’t have any idea of what to propose to your guests, Borough 22 is the place/website you should go to!

Just a little bit of history..

Ryan Panchoo started his donut factory because his wife and children were gluten and lactose intolerant. He developed his recipe, then removed the soya, and finally also removed the eggs.

Since then, Borough 22 has become THE reference pastry for all those who dream of baking in a 100% gluten-free and vegan donut! Ok, that doesn’t mean it’s sooo healthy, but if you walk around all day, you deserve it !

So don’t hesitate, and go have a look in one of the places above…

everything is gluten free and vegan !!!

Let us know how you liked it

and don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy