You know what is the capitale of Wales? Hummm…. Cardiff!! Now you know haha. Let’s see what we found for you guys in this beautiful City. Our first restaurant is an italian gluten free restaurant in Cardiff.. Obviously!

We were asked for a place in Wales the other day, so here it is! Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to get a lunch in the restaurant we’re going to introduce. However, I have a friend who went there for us. The feedback is very positive concerning the gluten free food. So trust us, and let’s grab some food at Bella Italia in Cardiff.

There are two Bella Italia in Cardiff:

  • the first one is at the Old Brewery Quarter
  • the other one is the Red Dragon center

Are you close from any of them? You should, because…

You can have everything you want gluten free! My friend told me the environment is really cosy, and waiters are really nice ‼

You can have gluten free bread, bruschetta, pizza  pasta & desserts… Which are the best….

A true Italian as we like them! The entire menu can be readjusted without gluten, just ask the waiter, and that’s it.

The only thing with Bella Italia, is that, you need to have time… They take a little while to serve if the restaurant is busy. Moreover, they are a little expensive. But as you know, gluten free can be a bit annoying concerning its price. Indeed, gluten free is a real budget, don’t you think?

Anyway, if you want a typical and traditional gluten free italian restaurant in Cardiff, Bella Italia might be the place you should go.

Btw, there are in London also, and they have 3 restaurants there. So enjoy eating italian food in United Kingdom!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy