Are you ready to test freedom? Yes, this 100% gluten free restaurant offers gluten free pasta in London! Yeees, finally a restaurant where everyone can go without worrying about their allergies or intolerances.

Created in 2017 by Italians who love good food, Leggero is based in the Soho centre and the Metropolitan Market with an upcoming opening in Camden town in 2020.

Their mission? To create an environment where everyone feels good and is happy to come.

Everything is homemade, for even more great taste and authenticity!

All the recipes are inspired by dishes from Italy, so yes, you are going to travel to Italy, believe me!

About the most important part for us: what do we eat? Three menus, one for lunch, or dinner, and one for desserts. Leggero makes it big!

As a starter, you can have bruschettas (all homemade of course), arancini which is a Sicilian speciality, super good, usually made from rice balls and stuffed with lots of good stuff.

Then it’s possible to have a salad if you’re not too much pasta! But, as I love pasta too much, and especially when it’s homemade with no gluten, here’s the most interesting part of the menu: cannelloni, at 8,5 pounds, so quite reasonable, a normal version, and a plant-based version!

What could be better?

Then, all the gluten free homemade pasta in London

: ravioli, in surprising colours, crazy tagliatelle, pasta with mushrooms and truffles, all completely crazy dishes! All between 10 and 12 pounds! So quite correct

It is possible to choose your type of pasta and then your sauce, and it is of course very practical if you want to take it to go! The packaging is great and keeps your pasta warm.

Beware, in the evening the dishes are a little more expensive, but always at a reasonable price: between 13 and 17 pounds.

For the desserts, you can choose a vegan and gluten free brownies or a tiramisu like in Italy or a cheesecake!

Hum I can’t wait to try this restaurant. A friend went there for me and loved it! The team is really well trained, and very attentive to all your requests.

They are all super dynamic, and really make you want to come back to taste their great gluten free pasta in London!

Reading this article, it’s good, but it’s even better to go! Let’s go to Leggero to taste great gluten free dishes, without NO risk of contamination, homemade and inspired by Italian recipes!

No need to look for hours to eat gluten free pasta in London, we did it for you!

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Have a great day !!

By Chloé