Would you like gluten free pizza in London? Purreza is the place to go. My cousin went to this restaurant for me, and I’ve looked at a lot of reviews, and most of them are very positive!

Indeed, the food is fresh, everything is homemade, and there have gluten free, lactose free and vegan dishes! What could be better? Located in Camden, this restaurant will surprise you with its original pizzas. It’s a perfect place to come with friends and family. The service is great, the staff is adorable, and will know how to welcome you very well.

So, concerning the pizzas, they are all cooked on wood fire, some are vegan, others veggies.

Animal free, dairy and meat free, this restaurant offers homemade products such as their mozzarella. But what we are looking for is also available:

gluten free pizza base, you will love this food experience!

Purreza is working hard on their gluten free product line. Indeed, they offer gluten free bases that can be adapted to all pizzas! On top of that, all their toppings are all gluten free (except for the optional seitan slices), which means that the entire pizza menu can be made gluten free as long as the base is exchanged.

Their “vegan meats” are prepared according to their own recipe based on pea protein – whereas standard vegan and vegetable meats are based on a seitan recipe (which is filled with gluten).

So they have reinvented the way they make these vegan meats by developing their own pea protein recipe.

However, Purreza doesn’t just offer gluten free pizza in London! Yes, there’s a lot more to it. Indeed, you will be able to taste all the products in the raw range, but also their lasagne-based pasta, Mac & Cheese, and most of the starters. Look at the menu!

In addition, they also have really good gluten free bread but the best of all are desserts!

A 100% gluten free tiramisu, or gluten free chocolate calzones and gluten free Oreo pizzas! What else would you need?

I can’t wait to go and taste them too. Trust my cousin, and my long research on this restaurant where the reviews are all super positive!

They also have a kids’ menu, which is top-notch! If you take a dish from the menu, you are entitled to a free pizza for your child under 10 years old – the child must be with you of course-.

Then, 10% off for the students and much more for the staff. But hey, the most important thing for us is the taste, for a reasonable price: The pizzas are between 8 and 14 euros, reasonable, right? And look at the size, and the face of this pizza. I dream about it!

yummy gluten free pizza purezza London

They are open every day from 12pm to 10pm except on Fridays where they close at 11pm!

Quickly, go to Purezza to eat gluten free pizza in London!

Hope you will enjoy this place, and don’t forget to share your experience with us !

All the best to your day

By Chloé