If you’re looking for a celiac restaurant in London, Mommi is the place to go, no doubt about it! A rather interesting menu that mixes Japanese and Peruvian (it can be surprising!) but this gluten free restaurant in London has reach their challenge by offering dishes that are just as original as each other.

All the dishes are gluten free, and they are certified gluten free by Coeliac UK

So, don’t have any doubts about cross contamination, there is none! In addition to being 100% gluten free, Mommi also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes of very good quality.

Located just off the Clapham high street metro stop, this restaurant is quite central, and will surprise you with its funny, friendly atmosphere, and their original coeliac drink proposal!

This restaurant is great to have a good dinner with friends and continue on a nice evening. It offers a terrace for those who are ready to face the cold of February, and a superbly organized interior space to have a good time, friendly, funny and succulent. Friday night is piano bar night, for even more fun, come and have a look around, you’ll have a great time!

And really amazing food in this gluten free restaurant in London!

What interests you is probably the menu right? Well yes, that’s what we’re here for.

So what can we eat at Mommi?
At night, you will be able to have many different things. As a starter, tartars, pan fried king prawns, ceviche, croquetas, gyoza (humm I love gyoza so much, it’s so rare to be able to eat it, believe me you’ll love it!). Menu is right here.

For the main dishes, roasted chicken, chimichurri, chirashi, tempura, grilled cauliflower steak and lots of other surprises. They also have crazy and super good desserts. The price is between 10 and 28 euros the starter or main course, and their cocktails are around 11 euros on average. And you know what, on the one hand they have cocktails with certified gluten free liqueurs, but on top of that, they have gluten free beers completely crazy!

A gluten free restaurant in London perfect for celiacs who want to party with friends, and eat super original dishes from two totally different cultures!

At Mommi, it’s not only Japanese, but also brunch, and super good lunches for the week end.

Yes, it is important to notice that during the week they are only open in the evening! However, they have a lunch and brunch menu for Saturdays & Sundays: chickens like real family Sunday lunch, or vegan burgers, but also chirachi, or sandwiches and many other things.

Well, now let’s see the schedule to be sure you will get there when it’s open.
Open every day:

  • Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 11pm.
  • Fridays from 5:30 pm to late, 2/3:00am
  • Saturday from 12:30 to late, 2/3:00 am
  • Sunday from 11 am to 11pm

I really hope you will enjoy this place, as much as we did. I m not the only who had a good experience there, all coeliacs did.

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Have a lovely day !

By Chloé