Cauliflower for a gluten free breakfast in Hanoï? A little bit weird isn’t it? Well, there are no rules at all in Hanoï ! One of our favorite city in Vietnam! Follow their insanity and have a little break at Lifted coffee!

Gluten free breakfast in Hanoï

Inspired by Australian food, this restaurant will bring you to a calm and relaxing atmosphere with fabulous food. As its name suggests, Lifted coffee is a multi-storey place, with interior spaces and very comfortable terraces. The bar is downstairs, and it’s very typical Australian style.

Their menu is rich of gluten free breakfast, vegetarian and vegan options.

I went there after my morning run and tried their cauliflower salad, it was perfect for a healthy, vegetarian & gluten free breakfast!!

Do not hesitate to talk about your gluten diet or lactose free issue to the waiter, they fully understand and will be aware of what you order.

Typical Hanoï coffe

I also took the egg coffe, it’s one of Hanoi specialities, and I absolutely loved it. It tastes a bit of caramel, it’s fabulous!

By the way, they have not only egg coffee but also many others one. So for coffee lovers, that’s the place to be. Their grains are from Australia, so you will finally have a wonderful morning coffee. I know how hard it can me for some people to start a day without coffee haha! Start your day in a better way, and come at Lifted coffee!

Nice thing to know: they have good lunch and diner, and are open every single day from 8 am to 10:30 pm!

Concerning the price, it is really affordable. Indeed, you might pay around 5€ /6$ for breakfast and their egg coffee.

Let us know how this original and typical gluten free breakfast in Hanoï and…

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy.

By Chloé