Chinese new year in Hué?
But you don’t know yet where to eat with your friends: one wants to eat burger and the other one wants to eat local food! Always the same problem, but hard to find the right place to go, especially when it comes to gluten free! Find the best gluten free restaurant in Hué !

Nook entrance restaurant in Hué

Nook Eatery is the place to be in Hué! One of the best restaurant we have been during our few days there. It is situated in a calm little hidden street, and it looks like a friend house you go to spend a relaxing moment. This restaurant has a neat, sophisticated, and very charming decoration. Waiters were really professional, and they understood everything about my gluten free allergy.

I recommend to go upstairs, in their very nice terrace. They have good music, good juices, good beers, cocktails, and… amazing food !

Their menu is 80% gluten free.

I took gluten free breakfast once (noddles & bowls), and came back the day after for diner. I was a bit sad to see that their burger were not gluten free but I found a great solution: I asked it without bread, and it was truly sooo good. It’s actually nicer to do like this (sometimes, only…), because you won’t feel full with so much bread, and you will have some space for dessert… In fact, you have to try their gluten free banana cake, it was absolutely… wonderful!!

I have a little trick: As you can see on the pictures, there is a burger and an English breakfast (it was the plates of my friends). I left it on Instagram and our website for you guys… Indeed, for my friends to come with me in gluten free restaurants, I show them their burgers, breakfasts or pizza! They will always comeee! Trust me !! 😉

Concerning the price, it’s around 3€/ 4$ for a local meal and 4€ / 5$ for the burger with fries.

Enjoy eating in a gluten free restaurant in Hué !!

We hope you will enjoy it !!!

and… don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy.

By Chloé