You have to taste a culture to understand it better

Gluten Libre

Then, let’s try Hué gluten free specialities!

This city is known for its big and amazing citadel but also for its unique food. There are many restaurants in Hué, but Quàn Hanh is the best if you want to taste their beautiful culture.

Quan Hanh restaurant Hué

I was so glad when I went there: finally one restaurant that serves 100% of the specialities, gluten free.

I asked the waitress and she was categorical: no gluten in their kitchen !!! I tried there menu of degustation with few of these Hué gluten free specialities:

  • Banh Bot loc
  • Nem Lui
  • Banh Khoai
  • Banh Beo

Locals eat them at any time of the day, so why not for a Sunday Brunch ?

Discover with us these Hué gluten free specialties:

Banh bot loc, Banh Nam & Banh Beo are made up of cassava, stuffed with shrimp and pork, wrapped by a banana leaf and steamed.

The differences from the three of them is that the Banh Loc is a translucent dumplings. First, dip it into fish sauce, then eat it with your hands.

Concerning the Banh Nam, it is made with rice flour and shrimp paste. They need 10 min to be cooked. Eat them with salty fish sauce or chili !

Finally, Banh Beo are these little round dumplings. They are served in many! In English, we normaly call it “water- fern Cake”. These are really cheap so enjoy it !! You can have it with shrimp, beans or pork, and the sauce with it has to be more sweet than the other ones.

Then, the Banh Khoai, which was one of my favorite! It’s like a rice pancake, that can be served vegetarian or with pork and shrimp. It’s made of rice flour stuffed with pork, oignons, carrot, shrimp… It is served with an amazing peanut sauce! Lovely!!

Finally, i tried their Nem Lui: they say that its like an original spring roll. It’s pork stick with lemongrass stems. You eat it with some salad and deap it in any sauce you want!

Let us know which one you liked the most

And don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By chloé