Are you enjoying the craziness of Hanoi today? And you want to have a little gluten free poke bowl in Hanoï to get energy for the rest of your day?

We loved Hanoi so much, and we really enjoyed their Pho, but, eating it every single day is a bit tiring. It misses sometimes fresh food, and the taste of a simple and propre product, that has not been cooked or buried in a sauce. Don’t you think?

We found the place to be if you want to choose everything that is in your meal!

It’s called Poke Saigon. It is in Hanoï, but also in Ho Chi Minh, soooo it’s not possible to miss !

In Hanoï, the restaurant is little hidden from the main road, it’s down a side alley of the building. You have to go up few stairs and you finally get there.

It is the best place for healthy, greedy, yummy and gluten free poke bowl.

It’s like a salad bar, with such a crazy nice and chill atmosphere. We loved this place. It’s soooo relaxing, the decor is beautiful and the background music is perfect.

Everything is fresh made, and there are many food categories and choices.

The staff was perfect, very friendly and professional. A little plus that could help a lot of us: they speak perfectly english!!

What is better than having your propre choice for your meal? Go and grab your unique poke bowl!!  You can have a gluten free bowl with meat, fish, but also vegetarian, and even vegan, your choice!

We talked to the client there and read some review on this place: it’s always loved and recommended. So you must try their food while you are in Hanoi!!

Take what you feel like at Pokesaigon and eat a gluten free poke bowl in Hanoï!

Don’t forget travel eat and enjoy!

By Chloé