Gluten free boat company in Cat Ba is available !

Are you around Halong bay island these days?

And you are looking for the boat company that offers a gluten free menu? 

Well, well, well, we tried the best for you! But first let’s remind you what is important to do in Cat Ba. You have to visit the Wonderful island of Halong Bay  which is situated in the north of Vietnam. That is a must go ! It is outstanding trust me ! 

After looking at every boat company to travel around Cat Ba, we have decided to choose Cat Ba Ventures, and no regrets at all. 

There were the only one who knew about gluten free and vegetarian diet, and were perfect with me.  I always had the chance to eat absolutely everything on board, and the food was sooo good.  Cat Ba Ventures has beautiful boats, where you can have 1 day trip or 2 days trip.

I choose the 2 days trip and It wasss soooo nice for a reasonable price: 120 euros. I compared all prices and what were included it is the best value for money! 

So now, let’s talk about what is included?

1 nights in a private room which is absolutely amazing, no joke (I would say, a 4/5 starts hotel ), 5 complete meals and very good with gluten free and vegetarian food, 2 kayak trips around the bay , a fishing night and of course a big trip around these beautiful islands. 

Let us know how you liked this gluten free boat company in Cat Ba!

Don’t forget, travel, eat and enjoy

By Chloé