“How many products are in the Gluten Libre box, are they all certified gluten free, how does my subscription work, when is my gluten free box delivered?”.

So many questions that I am happy to answer here.

You can, of course, in case a question remains unanswered contact me on the contact page, I would be happy to get to know you and answer you.  

The gluten-free box that I propose is certified gluten-free. All products are at the original quantity, they are not samples. You will find ready-to-cook preparations and ready-to-eat products in your boxes.

I hope that your questions have been answered, 

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What is Gluten Libre box?

The gluten-free box that we offer brings together between 3 to 12 gluten-free products. It is delivered to you at home or at a relay point once you have paid your subscription or purchased the box individually.

What the different size of the box?

Soon discover the different sizes of boxes that Gluten Libre will offer you. For Christmas, the box is composed of 6 gluten free products.

Are the product certified gluten free?

Yes all our products are certified gluten free and all our suppliers have sent us a document certifying that their products are all certified gluten free by a specific organization. In other words, we choose all our suppliers according to their gluten-free certification.

Is it possible to get a partial refund when you are celiac?

For the moment, it is not possible yet, but we are working on it. A bit of patience..

Is it possible to buy the products in the box individually?

Soon, you will be able to find our e-shop with the products of your boxes to buy by unit. A little more patience…

Can I choose the product inside the box?

No, the principle of the Gluten Libre box is to offer you “surprise” products every month. We present them to you on our social networks as well as on our website.

What are the products in the Gluten Libre box?

The types of products in your box are a nice mix of ready-to-eat and gluten-free ready-to-cook products. Chloé would like to share her passion for cooking with you, and show you that eating and cooking gluten free can be healthy, tasty and really easy to make! This is not a sample box, but a box with the same quantities you could find in a supermarket.

What allergens are present in the box?

All information on allergens is indicated on the product sheets that you can find on the description of the box at the time of purchase.

Can I buy the box of the past month?

Yes, once the boxes of the month have been sent, you will be able to buy one of the boxes of the previous months as long as they are still in stock. Please be patient, we are in the process of organizing this offer.