When we start a gluten-free life, the first thing that usually comes to mind is: what are the naturally gluten-free desserts that we will be able to eat when we go to restaurants or that we will be able to cook with the certainty of not missing out? 

Yes, culinary outings are sometimes hard for gluten-free people but don’t worry, Gluten Libre is here to accompany you in this new culinary life, which, I assure you, will literally change your life, in a GOOD way! (it’s up to you to take it on the right side 🙂 )  

I went through this, I was very angry, sad, I was afraid, but you adapt to everything. We learn to find alternatives, or relearn to cook and above all, to have fun while cooking. So, yes, there will definitely be failures, and more failures. 

But take the example of the child, who falls hundreds of times before being able to walk. It’s like us, we’re going to fall and make mistakes on tons of recipes until the day we get there! 

But before you miss out on desserts that you want to cook with gluten-free products, test these naturally gluten-free desserts, you’ll see, it will give you joy! 

Here are my little tips and all the naturally gluten-free desserts that you can always eat if you follow a gluten-free diet by obligation or by choice.

1. Fruit salad, a naturally gluten-free dessert 

So yes, in many restaurants, you will always (well, very regularly) be able to enjoy this naturally gluten-free dessert: fruit salad. A little advice, always ask if it is fresh fruit because if not, it might not be so good. 

To make your own, not complicated: mix seasonal fruits with a small seasonal fruit juice, a pinch of sugar for the most gourmet or honey.

fruit salad

2. The chocolate mousse 

I’m a big fan of chocolate and in restaurants I’ve never seen a single chocolate mousse made with wheat! If that’s the case… then you’re teaching me something. For a chocolate mousse you need chocolate, egg and sugar, that’s all! My recipe right here for my mom’s chocolate mousse with no regrets! 

3. La crème brulée, a naturally gluten-free dessert 

So, crème brulée, the great friend of gluten-free, but the worst enemy of lactose-free… Yes, crème brulée is always gluten-free (once again, if in a restaurant you see that they use wheat, you’re teaching me something!). 

If you want to make it yourself, here is a very simple recipe: 

To make 6 small crème brûlées, start by preheating your oven to 160°, then in a saucepan, heat 500 ml in cream with a vanilla bean, then bring to a boil. In a salad bowl, mix together 6 egg yolks and 40 g of sugar.

When your cream is boiling, pour this mixture over your egg yolks/sugar, then strain it to remove only the juice. Serve them in 6 ramekins to make your crème brulées. 

Go to the oven on a baking tray filled with water (to make like a bain marie), and cook for 25 min at 160°. Then place them in the cold for at least 4 and when it is done, sprinkle your crème brulées with brown sugar and caramelize them with a blowtorch.

4. L’île flottante or floating island

Another dessert for gluten-free lovers, the floating island. Always gluten free, this naturally gluten free dessert is made with the same ingredients as the crème brulée: cream, egg and sugar! Leave a comment if you want the recipe! 

Rice pudding - riz au lait

5. The rice pudding 

The gluten-free dessert par excellence: rice? Of course it is gluten-free.

So no risk in restaurants, this dessert is gluten-free … (normally huh). 

The recipe is so easy that I share it with you here: For 4 people, boil 1 L of milk with 4 tablespoons of sugar.

As soon as it has come to the boil, rain 100 g of white rice (preferably round grains!) and reduce the heat for about 20 minutes.

Pour into ramekins and sprinkle with vanilla. Leave to cool and enjoy with or without jam! 

6. The panna cotta

Very tasty and naturally gluten-free dessert! And yes, this dessert is made with cream, milk, gelatin, sugar and vanilla! You won’t take any risk by ordering a good panna cotta at the restaurant.

7. The coconut rocks

The coconut rock, I must be honest I have never tested … But I hear a lot of good things about it. I promise I will make you a great recipe for coconut rock! Anyway, all I know is that it’s a naturally gluten-free dessert!

8. The meringue

Meringue, the friend of gluten-free, that’s for sure! Maybe one of the only pastries we can eat in bakeries!

So enjoy it… It’s really super good and very easy to make! Watch your teeth… It’s usually a very sweet dessert! 


9. The macaroons 

So the macaroons, I’ve seen all the colors: with and without gluten… But believe me (or not) but the original recipe is not made with wheat!

So always ask before, but normally the macaroon is a good dessert naturally gluten free! For my macaroon recipe, just go here!

I hope I have helped you by sharing my experience and all the naturally gluten-free desserts I can think of! 

Otherwise, right here I give you my 13 favorite gluten free desserts with the recipes of course! 

It’s up to you to play: order or cook, you’ll love it! 

See you soon