Gluten-free is nice, but especially when you find good gluten-free desserts that are not too complicated to make and above all tasty and yummy. 

So here we are, it’s been a little while since I launched Gluten Libre and believe me, I’ve had the time to test, miss and love gluten-free dessert recipes! I’m not a pastry chef or a chef, so it took me a while to get my gluten-free desserts right. But I finally managed to prepare 13 super simple and really tasty recipes. 

Here is the list of my 13 favorites gluten-free desserts that I made:

coeur coulant sans gluten

1. Gluten-free chocolate fondant

One of my latest recipes that you loved! Yes, who says better than a still hot melting chocolate … hum just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Here is my recipe of gluten-free flowing heart to test very quickly … 

2. The gluten-free mookie

Another recipe that you really liked: the mookie, a very soft cookie recipe, hence the word “mo-okie”. It’s a search engine, isn’t it?


mookie sans gluten rapide
Cheesecake sans gluten

3. Gluten-free cheesecake

Good a base of the desserts to have tested at least once in its life. And if your culinary life is animated and punctuated by gluten-free dishes, don’t panic, I have the gluten-free cheesecake recipe you need. 

4. A blackberry gluten-free cake 

This cake was one of the simplest I could make: I tested this recipe this summer, and it worked the first time. (By the way, this pool really makes me want to be in summer, don’t you?).

For the blackberry cake recipe, I simply adapted the recipe with gluten by making my own mix. A pure delight!

gâteau aux mures et sans gluten

5. Gluten-free chocolate roll

The classic! For young and old! I was at a friend’s house this summer, and they surprised me with this beautiful gluten-free chocolate roll: to die for, really, and super easy to make. You have to be a little patient for the rolling, but it’s worth it, believe me!

6. Gluten-free yogourt cake

If you are in a hurry, this yoghurt cake is surely the easiest and the best value for money!

This pastry classic is very greedy and really incredibly simple! (For adults and children in a culinary workshop). 

gateau au yaourt sans gluten
Gâteau à l'abricot et aux amandes sans gluten

7. the gluten-free apricot cake

A rather simple and rather greedy dessert: the apricot cake! To test for all apricot lovers.

Be careful, respect the season… A gluten-free dessert like this one can be made in summer, from June to August!

8. Gluten-free crumble 

This crumble recipe still works, but it’s still difficult for me to find the unique taste of real homemade crumble…

If you have a better recipe than this one, I’ll take it!

Nevertheless test it, because it is very simple to make and frankly (let’s be honest) not bad either!

Gâteau au citron sans gluten

9. Gluten-free and lactose free lemon cake 

My mom’s favorite gluten-free dessert, I tested and created it with her during the first confinement. Super simple, super good, super light and super lemon! We love it …

You will see, 5 min of preparation and you will be able to test a lemon cake to fall…

10. gluten-free tiramisu

So I had a lot of mistakes before I knew how to make the famous little cookies (Because YES, I wanted to create the perfect gluten-free tiramisu from A to Z).

Finally!! I found the recipe, the right ingredients and of course the little trick that is worth its weight in gold. Here is my recipe.

Tiramisu sans gluten
recette de carrot cake sans gluten

11. Gluten-free carrot cake

The basis of the gluten-free dessert, this carrot cake, and its recipe that I propose is really super gourmet!

Have fun testing it at home, you’re going to love this gluten-free dessert, believe me! (Word of a globe trotter…).

12. Gluten-free strawberry pie

Um, I think strawberries are definitely my favorite fruit when they are juicy and have natural sugar.

That’s why you should enjoy them during strawberry season around a good homemade gluten-free strawberry tart!


13. Gluten-free galette des rois 

So for the occasion, the galette des rois, I eat it all year round! I’m completely addicted to this gluten-free dessert, aren’t you?

A good frangipane with a crispy shortcrust pastry… the delight!

Enjoy the tasting and find a lot of other useful articles right here! 

See you soon my gluten-free addicts!