As a true and 100% French woman, I am always looking for good and tasty bakeries. Currently, I live in Paris, so here is my selection of gluten free bakeries in Paris, which offer bread, pastries, and lots of nice surprises. I’ve tried to fill all the neighborhoods a little bit. Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Are you looking for a 100% gluten free pastry and bakery in Paris? Helmut New cake is one of the best places for you. Located in two very strategic places in Paris, you will enjoy it for sure! On the menu, French pastries, but also good bread and sandwiches to take away. Then there are salads for those who want something lighter! Feedbacks on this place are only positive, the atmosphere is super nice and the products are delicious! 0 risk of contamination, that’s for sure!

100% no added sugar and gluten free, Maison Plume is a nice surprise that I discovered not so long ago. Bread, cakes and pastries, nothing can be better! You’re about to enter a world that is very Maison Plume, very elegant and refined! The products are perfectly displayed, and it smells great! By the way, you’ll see, most of their pastries are oval-shaped, it’s one of their specialties!

Lactose-free and gluten-free, Foucade Paris has been working for a long time to make you discover new flavours through their pastries and bread that are just as crazy about each other. A friendly, relaxing space full of positive vibes to brighten up your day! We will love this place for their knowledge and expertise in the matter. Gluten-free is not a secret for them, they know all about it! And, the weekend, it’s brunch time for Foucade. On Saturday and Sunday come and taste some great creations with them!

Do you know one of the 100% gluten-free food French specialities? The meringue! This establishment called La Meringaie highlights this beautiful delicacy full of sweetness and flavor. You will be served! The surprise is in the appointment! This 100% gluten free bakery in Paris is quite surprising: fresh fruits, whipped cream, to make an original and super gourmet pastry! Go and try it now!

I’ve already done an article on Noglu Paris which is really full of good information about their spot. Their restaurant is delicious, and I love their shop. They have lots of products, pastries, and it’s a real french style gluten free bakery, full of charm, good smell, and good taste! Go quickly discover their two gluten free bakeries in Paris, you’ll love it!

La Belle vie sans gluten is the gluten free bakery in Paris not to be missed. A real bakery, where you will find everything you would find in a “normal” bakery. Yes, Clémentine, the founder of La Belle vie sans gluten has understood everything: offering 100% gluten-free products in a bakery inspired by typical French bakeries. If you are gluten free, and from another country than France, at La Belle vie sans gluten, you will live the real experience of a French person!

An organic and gluten-free bakery in Paris? Et voilà, Biosphère café is the perfect place if you’re looking for a cozy and super chill place to have gluten free food! Everything is homemade and it’s delicious. In addition to being a bakery and a place where you can find pastries, it’s also possible to find crepes, pizza, pies and lots of other surprises. On Sundays, it’s brunch under reservation at 01 42 93 45 58! Enjoy your meal at Biosphère café!

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm, Onyriza is the place to go for great gluten-free, vegetarian pastries! It’s basically a tea room, where you can enjoy super good small pastries with a hot tea with friends. They also offer quick meals, sandwiches, very healthy salads: a perfect lunch formula for a good little break. They also have good gluten-free bread! On the terrace or indoors, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Everything organic and gluten free? Chambelland, the luxurious bakery in the 11th district that offers lots of good things: bread, pastries, and new surprises on a regular basis. The atmosphere is super relaxing, and looks 100% like a real bakery, except that this one is 100% gluten free and organic! So, quick, go there to taste their hot bread just out of the oven!

Now, let’s see two bakeries in Paris, that you can find in too many places that it would be annoying for you to read it! Just put the name on your google map and you’ll find the closest one to where you are:

L’Atelier des Lilas is one of the suppliers of our restaurants (Le Judy), so we wanted to talk about them. They are indeed present everywhere in Paris, in many restaurants, bakeries and so on. I’ll let you discover the addresses right here: in the part “où nous trouver”
Concerning what you can eat there: pastries, bread, quiche, salads, desserts. They also cater to all kinds of events, if you are interested. Gluten free catering, here you come!

The luxury of bread, here it is. This house which is known all over Paris offers several gluten free options: bread, baguettes and many other little wonders depending on where you go. I let you discover right here where they are. There are bound to be some close to where you are!

I hope this article will help you as much it helped me! It was long to do it, but worth it I hope! Leave some comments so I can improve even more!

Enjoy some nice food in those gluten free bakeries in Paris !

By Chloé