Are you looking for gluten free pizza in Auckland? We found the perfect place for you!

Let’s get together to New Zealand, with the Kiwis in the heart of the Pacific. We begin immediately with Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand where culinary diversity is more present than anywhere else in the country.

Among all the gluten free restaurants in the Auckland region, Al Volo located in the heart of the city has completely seduced us.

This Italian restaurant makes outstanding gluten free pizza!

Indeed, I have tested a lot of pizza and pasta across different countries, but I must admit that this restaurant brings me back to Italy!

Based on the top of Mt Eden Rd, opposite albraith’s Ale House and not far from Symonds St, Al Volo is an Italian family authentic restaurant. It promotes locals’ products, and traditional Neapolitan food technics. What we really appreciated is that they do have a 150 years old family recipe to make their wood fired oven pizza.

Al Volo has many other meals on their menu. Indeed, they have pasta, salads, Picolli Piatti (small plates), and antipasto platters.

You should definitely try these gluten free pizza in Auckland with their local handmade mozzarella produced according to the traditional methods. Hey, by the way!  They also have their own vegan cheese, so that everybody can enjoy a nice meal in Al Volo !

With pizzas ranging from 10 to 18 €, I promise you that after the meal you will not have the impression of having lost your time.

Al Volo is opened from Tuesday to Thursday from 5 pm to 10:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 10:30, so perfect for an early diner with friends or family !

One last thing that you must know: Al Volo has been voted the Best pizza in Auckland ! And no reason for you to not try it: they also do delivery and takeout (Check out their take way menu right here )!

Enjoy these crazy good gluten free pizza in Auckland at Al Volo, and let us know how you liked it!

Don’t forget, travel, eat and enjoy.

By Clément