“You can eat like a king and give your body the love it needs”, this is the philosophy of Aprèsfoodgo, eating healthy and 100% gluten free in London should not be a constraint but a pleasure!

Founder of After food go London

The two carriers of this restaurant, Danny and Catherine have got it all figured out! Indeed, Catherine, the Nutritional Therapist in Functional Nutritional Medicine and former chef, she understood that what we eat directly affects our body. Also, if the ingredients we eat are not good, or made for our body, there could be a bad overall balance of the body.

So after studying for several years a menu that would answer her problem, she decided to launch Après food go. Danny is the adventurer, and the entrepreneur of the team that is there to organize and set up everything. Together, they have created a brand new universe, unique, and made for you & the well being of your body.

Their promise? Never to use gluten or refined sugar, and above all to offer you dishes of mostly organic origin, good for you, your body and your mind.

Close to the Barbican subway station, this restaurant with a green door is here to serve you a very rich menu inspired by the paleo diet. So, you will probably ask, what are we eating?

Several menus, one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. And then of course, lots of great snacks just for you and available until 4 pm!

For breakfast, open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 11:30: pancakes, porridge, homemade granola, followed by bruschettas with homemade bread or rolls. You will also be able to enjoy a hot and very tasty breakfast. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options for those who want.

For lunch, open from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 2:30: salads, crazy brunches, soups or even very tasty meals like a homemade pie, and lots of other surprises. And you know what, there even have sandwiches to eat in or take away!

For a 100% gluten free restaurant in London, what could be better than this?

For dinner: Very refined starters and dishes, a smaller but equally delicious menu. The price is a little higher in the evening, count about 14 to 22 euros for your dish. During the day, prices are halved!

And then, good to know, they are open on Saturdays from 10 to 14:30 for brunch!

What I loved about this restaurant was a very sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. The team is very aware of everyone’s problems: gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, dairy-free or nuts free, you will be able to find what you are looking for.

The suppliers of Après Food go are also indicated on the menus for even more transparency! I let you discover them by yourself!
I hope you enjoy eating at this 100% gluten free restaurant in London!

See you very soon !

By Chloé