This year, Valentine’s Day will take place at home or at least not in a restaurant.  Yes, it’s sad but at Gluten Libre, we don’t take it so bad after all… because February 14th is a Sunday, so what better way to spend a nice Valentine’s Day than to order a gluten-free meal in Paris and have a nice Valentine’s Day under the comforter? 

So for this beautiful day full of love, we give you our favorite gluten free addresses in Paris, open in click & collect or delivery! 

Here is our selection of the 5 restaurants we have tested and loved… and where it is possible to order a gluten-free meal in Paris. 

Judy, cantine qualitarienne & gluten free

18, rue de Fleurus, Paris, France

So as a first restaurant, I propose to you one of my favorites, Le Judy, it’s THE PLACE TO BE: 100% gluten free in Paris to test quickly! 

Perfect for celiacs, you’ll find what you’re looking for Valentine’s Day… A real brunch at home! 

The Judy is available for lunch delivery on Deliveroo as well as click & collect! 

Judy sans gluten Paris
Judy sans gluten à Paris

For having tested it several times, I recommend their sweet potato falafels and avocado toast, 100% healthy, 100% gluten free and 100% fun! 

Judy will take you to the terrace for Valentine’s Day! 

Let yourself be tempted by their dishes of the day as well. Personally, I have never been disappointed! For more information about Judy, click here


Kapunka, thai vegan & gluten free

51 rue de Montorgueil, 75002

Curry vert Kapunka Paris
Kapunka vegan thai
Kapunka plat thai et sans gluten Paris

A marvel, a gustative journey available for delivery on Uber eats and deliveroo or by click & collect every day until 9:30 pm! 

Because, I fell in love with their gluten-free soy sauce and their pasta, I would simply advise you to choose their Thai pad or their vegetable mikati, a dish from northern Thailand made of rice noodles in a curry of your choice! Unbelievable… Without lying to you, it is always this dish that I order from them. It is crazy! 

Of course, their menu is very complete, you can let yourself be tempted by multiple tapas like vegetarian spring rolls and always 100% gluten free… for a good gluten-free meal in Paris, original and gourmet. Here is what you need to make your Valentine’s Day Sunday a success!  

For more information about Kapunka, it’s here.

Caffé shop, the italian café for gluten free pizza and pasta lover

215 bis boulevard Voltaire, 75011, Paris, France

Of course I thought of transporting you to Italy for Valentine’s Day! Venice… The cradle of lovers but also and simply for a nice pizza, pasta night with friends or just for lovers! That’s why Caffé shop is the gluten-free and mostly organic Italian restaurant in Paris! 

As you know, I love this place, I’ve done an interview with one of the chef. To see the video, it’s right here 

Caffé shop pizza
Caffé shop sans gluten

In delivery on deliveroo or click & collect, Caffé shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner! 

In spite of their large choice of pasta, I always fall for their pizzas which are really to die for… and a little more for Valentine’s Day, they are heart-shaped! 

And then, I advise you to fall for the Nutella chocolate pizza … it’s soo tasty! (Gluten-free on request for the chocolate pizza !) 


For a love at first sight in Manhattan, go to Paris New York burger in Paris!

Many addresses in Paris 

Burger PNY
PNY burger

PNY is available on deliveroo or click & collect every day until 10pm! 

Their burgers hum… simply divine! Between the Californian burger, the Tribute with its unique sauce or the vegetarian burger you will find your happiness! 

Don’t forget to specify gluten-free when you place your order, the restaurant offers both but you have to make sure that they are not mistaken!

To know more about it it’s here! 

Finally, for a little sweet pleasure on this beautiful Valentine’s Day, I take you to discover Cupkie

100% gluten free at 26 rue Monge 75005 Paris

Available for delivery on deliverro or click & collect every day from 1:30pm to 8pm!

You will find 1000 ideas to treat yourself with their little boxes of different gluten-free cupcakes (Cookie dough re-visited with more than 40 different toppings, a delight!).

Cupkie sans gluten

I advise you to take the one of 15 cupkies composed by the restaurant! It allows you to taste a lot of different flavors. You can always compose your own but a little surprise doesn’t hurt! 

Little extra: their boxes can be kept for about two weeks in the fridge without any fear!


Alone or accompanied, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day in Paris or elsewhere! I hope that these restaurants will have helped you to know where to order a gluten-free meal in Paris for Valentine’s Day! 

Full of love,